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Training Tips and Resources

Below is a list of some of our favorite training tips, and pet resources to help your pet and you to get off on the right foot!

  • ​Always train before play, and before feeding.  Dogs are more excited to work for their food when they're hungry and full of energy!
  • ​Use treats that make your dog excited!  Go for healthy options with low fat, and ingredients you can pronounce when possible, too much fat and junk food can make a dog sick!  Some of our favorites are hot dogs, cheese sticks, chicken breast, Bil-Jac brand frozen dog food, Ziwi Peak dog food.  Try a few with your dog and see which one motivates them the most!  (When all else fails there's usually some human food that will get them going!)
  • Teach your dog tricks!  Tricks engage the dog's mind, and challenge them to think while having fun.  The more a dog learns the quicker they learn other new skills as well.
  • ​You must ALWAYS teach your dog the correct behavior you want before you can stop a behavior you do not want.
  • Walks and runs only build a dog's endurance.  To tire a dog out you must engage their brain, and their nose as well as their muscles!