Service and Companion Dogs

Gateway K9 Training has many programs to help fit your individual needs.  From PTSD service dogs, to mobility assistance, therapy dogs, companion dogs, and more.  All in accordance with Missouri state law, our dogs, regardless of their training program are highly trained, and ready for your needs.  

If you are looking for our program for placing service dogs with veterans please click here:  Gateway K9 is our new, donation based, service that places service dogs for free for our disabled veterans.  

Some general information about Service and Assistance Dogs.

We prefer using pure-bred Golden Retrievers and Labrador Retrievers for our service animals, but all types of dogs can make excellent service dogs, including rescued dogs!  We work closely with our clients to find just the right fit for them.  Personal dogs sometimes, but not often, can make the cut as well, especially with in home companion dogs.  

Service dogs that are required for use outside of the home are regulated by local governments in each state.  We require a prescription or letter from your Doctor for vested service dogs.  And we have the right to turn anyone down, using our best judgement for our dogs.

The general cost of a fully trained service dog is not cheap, and we do not currently offer any of them for free or as a donation.  We do however help families to raise money to cover all of the costs, and do our best to keep training as affordable as possible.  

Service dogs come in all shapes, and sizes, and skill sets.  A true vested service dog is one who is specifically trained to assist a person with a disability.  Such as retrieving dropped objects, alerting to sounds for the deaf, or providing a safe barrier in public for those with PTSD.   Vested service dogs are not family pets who's only job is to provide comfort or company while out running errands.  

At Gateway K9 Training, we are able to meet any training need for your service, companion, or therapy dog.  Below are a few examples of what we can do for you, your family, or your organization.

Autism Assistance Dogs

These special dogs are not limited to just helping children with Autism, but we have found them to be invaluable for children with all types of learning disabilities.  These dogs are taught to gently wake children from nightmares, calm them during episodes.  They can fetch parents when help is needed, help to keep children from wandering off, and some are scent trained to track down children who have wandered off.  They provide constant companionship, and affection to a child who has trouble communicating with the outside world.  They help build self esteem as they listen to children read, listen to their worries, or just cuddle for a hug.  The dog can help provide a constant for a child who is easily upset by change, and helps build a stable bridge to the outside world, always at that child's side.   

Home Companion Dogs

Not everyone needs a fully vested, full fledged service dog to assistant them throughout their entire day.  Some people need just a little more help at home.  Perfect for aging parents that are still fully capable of caring for their selves but might need help hearing that phone ring, or hearing a knock at the door.  Perhaps they have trouble grasping dropped objects because of arthritis and could use a dog to retrieve things for them.  Maybe they need a little more company at night.  Or maybe you yourself battle with hearing loss, or a degenerative disease that makes it hard to pick up that dropped remote at night.  These dogs are the perfect solution.  

Therapy Dogs

Therapy dogs are not service dogs in the sense that they are not granted the same rights to full access to any public place.  They are highly trained dogs, that are trained for the sole purpose of bringing comfort or companionship to those in need.  Perfect for nursing homes, hospitals, schools, and even ministries.  Our therapy dogs are well socialized to assist in any situation, and they do well with one individual or many in an organization who serves the public.

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