Our puppy course is designed for pups under the age of 6 months old, to focus on just the skills they need to grow up well adjusted, healthy, and obedient.  This class is designed all around a puppy's needs, and focuses on skills not touched on in our other classes.  

In this 6 week course we will work on how to teach appropriate manners, and start on basic obedience skills.  We'll play puppy games, while learning how to properly socialize a young puppy.  We'll work on grooming skills, and how to make your pup excited about grooming and vet visits!  We'll talk about pet safety, how pets learn, and much more!

Can a puppy just start in the obedience classes right away?  Yes they could, but those classes do not focus on socialization or much needed puppy skills.  The first few months of a puppy's life is a critical time in training.  This is where they learn how to handle everything that comes to them in life, and how they should fit into our human households.  Take the time and help them learn these skills fully before it's too late.

All puppies must be current on age appropriate vaccinations, and must be dog, and stranger friendly to attend class.  Handlers must be 18 or older, or be accompanied by a legal guardian 18 or older.  This class is based on all positive techniques and is meant to be a building block for the rest of their lives.  This class will not replace a regular structured obedience class.  Pre-Registration is required.

​​Next Class: September 20, 2018, 7 pm.  6 week course of 45 minute classes, $150.00

Enroll Below.  Before class begins we will email you a confirmation with more information.

Puppy Class, 8 weeks - 6 months old

Supplies Required for Class

  • Current proof of vaccinations.
  • 6 foot leash or shorter, no retractable leads please!
  • Treats! (soft, small treats are best, we'll be using a LOT of treats, so health ones low in fat are best)
  • Treat pouch to keep training treats.  We do have a limited supply of plain ones.
  • Flat collar or harness on puppy.  No choke chains please.  No training collars are needed for this course, properly used prong collars are welcomed.

  • How to Handle and STOP Puppy Biting Safely.
  • Get your puppy to come to you.
  • How to solve potty training struggles.
  • Proper Socialization with Strangers and Dogs
  • Safe Grooming Techniques, and how to help your pup love grooming.
  • House and Travel Safety
  • First Aid Techniques for minor incidents.
  • How to start training and make it fun!  Always!

Included in this Course