Personalized Training


Private Lessons

Private lessons are ideal for almost any training situation or need, and tend to be our most popular.  Each lesson is one on one with you and your pet, and your personal trainer.  This means no hectic group classes causing you anxiety, or over loading your pet.  No set lessons plan means we can work just on what you and your pet need instead of a class schedule.  And speaking of schedule, we can make classes fit perfectly into your calendar as well.

What is covered? With an evaluation we will work out with you exactly what you're hoping to achieve with your pet.  There's very few limits with private lessons.  Obedience, manners, tricks, tracking, the sky is the limit (with a few exceptions of course).

Where? Currently we're only offering private lessons at our residence in Dittmer, Missouri, about 30 minutes from 270 and hwy 30.  

When? Lessons are available at a wide variety of times, and last one hour.  Lessons are not available on Holidays.

How much? Lessons currently start at $50 a lesson.  Aggressive or complicated training needs will have higher rates based on the training needs.  Training supplies to take home are not included.  

​Who?  All breeds of all ages are welcomed.  We require current proof of age appropriate vaccinations.  

How to get started?  Give us an email and we'll contact you back as quickly as possible. or message us on facebook!