Who Qualifies?

We are offering our services at no charge to any person who has served in any of our Military branches, as well to their spouses or children.  Also to our police force, and fire fighters and their immediate families.  A doctor's referral is needed for a service dog that is needed for full service work.  But we also provide dogs that work just at home for those who might not yet need a full fledged service dog.  

We also have programs to help you teach your own dog specific aid task at home, and programs for those interested in working with Therapy dogs and our Veterans.

How Can You Help?

We are just getting our feet wet in this new project and are currently in the process of getting all of our IRS status forms complete and legal.  So for right now we cannot yet accept donations that are tax deductible.  (Gifts are still more than welcomed)

As we do that there's still many ways you can help!  We will be in the process of looking for volunteers for so many different needs!  We'll need foster parents, volunteers to help in training, pet supplies, training supplies, and space to train!  We also need folks who can assist with the legal portions, people who can help in fundraising and so much more.  

Please feel free to contact us with anything you might be able to assist us with.  I'll keep this updated as we go with our current needs.

The need seems to be growing everyday for help, for our young men and women who are injured in so many different ways while fighting for us, serving us.  Thankfully so many organizations have been opening up, just over the past few years providing much need help to our soldiers as they come back home.  But then I heard something that broke my heart, "Our generation, the aging vets, we've kinda have been forgotten about."  The need is still so great for all of those who have served, and who have fought to keep us safe.  Even though we have come so far in caring for our vets, there's still so many gaps to fill for them.  And we at Gateway are proud to do so. 

Proudly announcing our new project here at Gateway, "Gateway K9s".  Fresh off the press we are still in the foundation process, and hope to have our 501c soon!  What does that mean? That gives us the ability to turn over this new organization to a 100% non for profit, which means we can take in donations to provide our Veterans with 100% paid for service dogs, companion dogs, and therapy dogs!

Our mission will be to provide these dogs at no cost to our Veterans, and be able to provide them life long care and support.  From as many follow up training lessons that they need, to medical needs for their pets, food needs, supplies, and emotional support on their journey.  

We hope to further enrich our vets with therapy dogs to visit Veteran homes, and the VA.  To also providing dogs in other setting where they may be able to help provide comfort.  We have plans to also offer group classes for Veterans to bring their own pets, service dogs, or therapy dogs.  All at no cost to them.  

How a Gateway K9 Can Help.

Dogs have been amazing aides in the human world, and it seems like everyday we are discovering more and more ways they can help us.  Each dog in our program is highly trained in obedience.  From there the dogs are trained to meet each individual's personal needs.  Waking someone up from nightmares, stress relief, bringing dropped objects, alerting to sounds, helping with stability, opening doors, closing doors, turning on lights, bringing meds, a barrier in public, anxiety alerts.  The ways in which a dog can help are endless, and the doors that opens up for our veterans is priceless.