Discounts Available!

Gateway K9 Training offers the following discounts:

  • Veteran and First Responder discount with current ID
  • Veterinarian and Veterinarian Staff with ID or paycheck stub
  • Referral Discount

Do you train ALL dogs?  

Yes and no.  We happily accept all dog breeds of any age, 8 weeks and up, with proof of current vaccinations including rabies, distemper, parvo, and bordetella.  Aggressive dogs are taken on a case by case bases.  We do have the right to decline any dog for any reason.  

What age is best to start training?

Yesterday!  It's never too early or too late to begin training your dog!  The best time to begin is the moment you bring your puppy home at 8 weeks of age, but even dogs at 12 years old can learn, but they require a lot more patience and time to learn.  Especially with behaviors they've been allowed to have for years.  However we'll never push a dog beyond it's capabilities, and will always factor in their age when designing a training program.

What training methods do you use?

‚ÄčThe trainers at Gateway K9 Training do not encourage a one size fits all style of training.  We are skilled in many different methods from traditional (praise and consequence), to clickers, shaping, and beyond.  At your pet's first evaluation with us we will sit down with you and discuss what methods might best fit your dog... and you!  We will never force you to train your dog in ways you are not comfortable with, or in ways that won't best serve your pet!  Training should always be fun, for both your dog and yourself, while being effective.  Training should always be about clear and consistent communication between your dog and yourself, not about harsh methods, or bribing your dog in hopes that he or she will behave.

Do you do phone consults?

No.  In order to effectively train your pet we need to meet them in person.  It's simply not possible to watch a dog's body language, and reactions to scenarios over the phone, or via a video.  After we have had an evaluation and lessons with your pet we are able to work over the phone or messages to help out with simple issues.

Having trouble keeping your pets entertained and hydrated in the Midwest heat?

Freeze low sodium both in an ice cube tray to give as a cool, refreshing, fun treat throughout the day!  Try freezing treats in the cubes too like a rawhide stick, or a dehydrated fish or chicken bit.  (Always check with your vet about the best treats for your dog!)

Frequently Asked Questions