Day Training 

Day training is ideal for those with busy schedules, who still want the best for their pets.  

Training includes: Basic to advance obedience, manners, problem solving, crate training and more.  1 Private lesson is included at the end of every week to help successfully transfer your pet's new skills.  

Hours: Monday- Friday, holidays not available, 7am to 6pm unless other arrangements can be made.

Pets must have current proof of vaccinations.  Enrollment is required.

Cost: $30 a day.  Includes at least 3 training sessions, and plenty of treats and potty breaks.  New clients must purchase at least 1 week of training, after that they may pay by the day.  Training supplies to use at home are not included.

To sign up please fill out the form below, and we will contact you within 24 hours.  Thank you!

(please note this is a training program and not a daycare program, we do not offer any dog group playtimes)

Personalized Training