We believe each individual, and each pet are different.  With different needs, schedules, and abilities.  And design each training program around them, not a textbook approach.

Who We Are

Rick Johnson

The founder and owner of Lakeshore Shepherds out of Minneosta, Rick continued his education, with certification through the Tom Rose School, specializing in drives, and advanced training.  Rick went on to work closely with both Minnesota, Canada, and Missouri police departments, focusing on his strong skills of canine communication, drives, and develop the hunt drive necessary for amazing scent detection.  He brings to Gateway, years of experience in reading dogs, and their drives, and is also our co-founder.  

Emily Johnson

Emily studied through both the professional, and Master's course at the Tom Rose school, specializing in Service Dogs, Agility, and Schutzhund foundations.  From there she went on to found Gateway, which took her past experiences as a vet tech, groomer, and years in the pet industry to a new level.  After years of working with Police K9's and 100's of family dogs she knew she wanted to do more.  Her next step was working with a large Therapy Group in Chicago, then onto helping her friend start GY6 PTSD Support Dogs, and now she's rebranding Gateway and hoping to continue on the path of changing lives, through canines.  

Our Approach

Gateway K9 Training is a family organization with over 30 years of combined experience.  From Master's Education from the world renowned Tom Rose School, that included Advanced AKC Obedience, Tracking, Shutzhund, Narcotics Detection, Service dogs, Agility, Personal Protection, Positive Reinforcement, Police and Military K9 Work, to breeding, animal health, Therapy dogs, and much more.  You will be getting the best of all worlds with Gateway.  

Dog training is more than reading a book, or watching a tv show.  Dog training starts with a passion to know more, to know what moves a dog, what makes them respond, what gets them to work as a team with a human.  It's understanding that as much as we love our dogs, that they still are much more related to a wolf, than they ever will be to a human.  It's a knowledge of drives, their natural understanding of the world.  And it's combing all of this to work in our world. With our human laws and our human needs.  We don't bribe our dogs to behave, nor do we inflict pain for them to behave, training is about clear communication, and that is our specialty at Gateway.  Something you will not find at your cookie cutter programs that are readily available in shopping centers.  And we pride ourselves on the fact that when you complete any program with us, that you too will understand your dog, and will be fully equipped with the tools to continue on without us for the rest of their lives.  After all, it's a pack thing, and we'll get you to the top.

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